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About Saugus Teachers Association
The Saugus Teachers Association (STA) is the exclusive bargaining agent for the, over 450, certificated teachers in the Saugus Union School District.  The Saugus Union School District is a TK-6 elementary school district located in the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley in Southern California.
    STA's roots go back to the mid-1960's when the some of the teachers established their first association called, Saugus District Association.  In addition to conducting social events, the SDA was a force in lobbying for air conditioning and carpeting in the classroom, along with securing the rights for pregnant teachers.  
    In the late 1960's, a state law was enacted requiring teachers and administration to "meet and confer" to determine salaries and working conditions. Initial efforts were unsuccessful. 
    In 1969, success was found, and a majority of the Association members voted to become the Saugus Teachers Association (STA) and join the United Teaching Profession (UTP) as a chapter of the California Teachers Association (CTA). 
    Then, in 1976, with the passage of the Rodda Act, collective bargaining was mandated. STA's leadership was assisted by CTA with training in negotiation strategies, law, Education Code, contract language, and awareness of current practices.  
    Today, with committed teachers working together, STA continues to grow strong and help ensure a positive working environment for the teachers and an outstanding learning environment for the students.
STA Executive Board

Debbie Rocha 
Charles Helmers Elementary 
phone:661 803-1641

Vice President: 
Maritza de la Cruz  
Santa Clarita Elementary 

​Sandy Belanger
Plum Canyon Elementary

Recording Secretary: 
​Michele Collins
Charles Helmers Elementary 

Corresponding Secretary: 
Carleen Shute
Rio Vista Elementary 

Bay Valley Representative: 
Janice Elam 
Charles Helmers Elementary 

Bargaining Team: 
Steve Goldstein 
Liz Hand
Camryn Arnold
Megan Bean

Grievance Chair: 
Sandy Belanger

Elections Chair: 
Shana Morda
Sam Ford

​Amy King

Membership Chair: 
Wendy Humphries
Katie Arnold

STAy Informed Editor: 
Carleen Shute

Janice Elam

PAC: Sandy Belanger
STA Site Representatives 2017-2018

Bridgeport: Cathy Demidow

Cedarcreek: Casey Manalastas

Emblem:Lauren Pfenning and Megan Lentz

Foster: Sherry Werblun

Helmers: Karen Sterkel

Highlands: Jeri Banks

Mountainview: Jamie Pawlak

North Park: Laura Trocha

Plum Canyon: Yolanda Nicoletti

Rio Vista: Sue O'Brien

Rosedell: Keni Dawkins

Santa Clarita: Barbara Marin

Skyblue: Shellie Dungan

Tesoro: Michelle White

West Creek: Val Hackney

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