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August 7, 2017
Good Morning Colleagues,
Wow! Where did summer go?
Welcome back. I truly hope you all took time to relax and refuel a bit over
the break.
While I am pretty sure there are a few of you who are already wondering what the year will include, what changes will come our way, and most
importantly, what will our class makeup look like. Before you officially get into classrooms, I encourage you to take a few moments to think about how you will maintain balance in your life… balance isn't about better time management..., but better boundary management. ...Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices. ...Your self-care is most important to your well-being. What do you do that puts a smile on your face, that slows down your heart beat, that helps remind you of your purpose? Start planning what part of every day you will carve out for your self-care..Let me leave you with a visual from one of my favorite picture books, or mentor text, which is the term used nowadays. Do you know the book Swimmy, by Leo Leoni? Remember that single black fish in the story that was different? He rallied the others to join together. Every fish was part of making a bigger fish, that happily swam in the sea. Let's make a fish like Swimmy as we come together to start another new school year. Focus on where you want to go not the fear of getting there. Let me quickly introduce the entire STA leadership team.
Vice President- Maritza de lady Cruz at SC
Treasurer- Sandy Belanger FO
Recording Secretary - Michele Collins HE
Corresponding secretary - Carleen Schute RV
Bay Valley Representative & Web Master- Janice Elam
Parliamentarian- Amy King PL
Election chairs - Shana Morda and Samantha Ford
Membership - Wendy Humphries -MV
Bargaining team - Steve Goldstein -TE
Liz Hand- PL
Camryn Arnold -WC
Megan Bean- HE
Thank you to our site reps...BP: Cathy Demidow
CC: August
RV: Sue O Brien
SK: Shellie Dungan
PL: August
RO: Keni Dawkins
HI: August
FO: August
SC: Barbara Marin
MV: Jamie Pawlak
TE: Michelle White
WC: August
HE: Karen Sterkel
EM: Lauren Pfenning
NP: Laura Trocha
Site reps please be sure to take a platter of donuts back to your sites.
We've got plenty.​August 16, 2016

Debbie Rocha
Deborah S. Rocha
Supporting Positive Choices and Infinite Possibilities for our Youth
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." 

February 9, 2018
Evening Colleagues, 

We wanted to keep you posted on our commitment to address the safety and well-being of every member. After sharing our message at the school board meeting this Tuesday, 2/6, Liz Hand and I met with trustee Judy Umeck. I reached out to both Chris Trunkey and Julie Olsen sharing additional concerns regarding knives being brought on campus by students. And finally, Michele Collins, eboard Secretary, and I met with Dr Lucid this afternoon to share our specific safety concerns again. We continue to be unsettled about issues at multiple sites and will pursue resolutions to ensure all feel safe while on school sites. 

Attached is our last message. As always, please do keep us in the loop. Proactive and not reactive is more efficient! 

“Good Evening Trustees and Cabinet, 

While we would like to start on a positive note, it’s been a rough week on multiple campuses. 

The level of support we feel by site administrators and cabinet is at an all time low. We have teachers being notified of non-re-elect status yet, the level of support for these colleagues is somewhat questionable. In order to be productive and mindful of improving our practices, a collaborative approach must be the focus at ALL meetings. Unfortunately, in a recent meeting intended to discuss solutions on how we could work to increase accountability and support for our newest members, collaboration was not the direction. 

On a different site, we had multiple teachers attacked by parents through email. The civility clause was clearly violated and we are expressing our concern that situations like this are unacceptable. At another site, we had an issue of safety. Weapons were brought onto campus, which threatened the safety of not only our teachers, but our students. We asked several site administrators for a copy of their “incident reports” this week, so that we could have teachers document certain events. Not one of the site administrators that we asked were able to provide us with anything called an incident report. We have also experienced a shortage of subs at several sites while the site admin was on campus. Classes were split and and instruction was disrupted because the admin refused to take classes.  
While we understand things like, fields being too wet to run on, rationing paper, and bulging RSP class sizes seem like gripes, these problems not only affect the morale of the staff, but actually affect our students. Our members’ health and well being is a priority for our unit. Unfortunately, we don’t feel the safety and welfare of our members is being appropriately addressed. We urge you to call for a study session, including all stakeholders, where a plan can be created to address these urgent safety issues.”

Deborah S. Rocha
SUSD Board Message 1.16.18

Good Evening Trustees and Cabinet, 

We are back in full swing. Looking at the Governor’s budget, we are encouraged at the positive outlook. We look forward to discussing it at the negotiations table soon,

Unfortunately, the thoughts of our relaxing break were short lived. This past week was a stressful week at several of our campuses. The fact that our staff members do not feel safe on their campuses is a huge concern. While we are aware that you have heard of some of the situations, our bigger concern is that our site administrators do not seem to be properly trained with any uniform plan in place to protect the safety of our students and staff. At one site, teachers were told that unless the word -threat -was directly given, staff should not feel threatened. Unfortunately, we have heard too many times in the last few weeks about horrible events taking place with no advance warnings. At another site, we had a parent entering the classroom and threaten the safety of a teacher, while the administrator watched and did not stop the situation.

Safety also includes physical safety. We are concerned to hear that maintenance work orders have not been addressed at several sites. We hope that maintenance will be diligent to keep our classrooms safe for teachers.  

Thank you Judy for recognizing the need to address our safety plans. As you know, I feel strongly that the mental well-being of each of us is equally important as the physical well being. Tonight, we are making a public statement, putting on the record that we hold this school board responsible for directing the superintendent and cabinet to create a plan that ensures the safety of the students and staff. If you have sites going into soft lockdowns, those sites deserve to know why they are on lockdown. If you have parents entering classrooms during school hours, the teachers and students have the right to feel safe and protected. If you have teachers so upset that they do not want to come to work because they fear for their safety, their concerns should be addressed. We must be proactive, and get these plans in place before there is a crisis on one of our sites. 

Finally, we would like to remind the board that each of you are elected officials and when you speak on behalf of the entire district in regards to education, please be mindful of your comments on social media and the repercussions of the people you affect.  

Deborah S. Rocha